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Saudade Unleashes New Joy Division Cover


In the grand spectrum of Joy Division covers, few songs hit quite as heavy as the song “Day Of The Lords.” While plenty have covered it, few have offered it up like New York’s Saudade. A new band made up of Chuck Doom, Todd Wilkinson, Gil Sharzone and Randy Blithe; they definitely have something else in mind. Feel free to stream it here before grabbing a copy from wherever you get your music.

The raw power in the song is immediate from the opening notes. While the video exhibits plenty of darkness, the song is where it really lies. The sense of nothingness that comes here is extraordinary while the empty shells flow like that of water. The song jas a power that few songs have while the disturbing cuts don’t keep things down. With faint imagery of the band throughout the video, there’s little imagery to make you think the song is meant to go light. And much like the video itself, the band is in on it and enjoying every second,

The song is available to stream above. You can stream it there or wherever you download music. Shows from this band will be coming soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Mike Kato.



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