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Mastodon Announces New Album & Shares Lead Single


Nowadays there are few bands who bring their A-game to their performances. The reality of it is that those bands always stand out, one of which is Mastodon. With a new album Hushed & Grim announced for a release on October 29, the band has centered around a quality hang and even better the revealing of a new song. To male the hearing of the new song “Pushing the Tides” easier, the band has also revealed a new video for the song you can watch below.

The song hits with a raucous energy from the start. In the video there are two combatants trying to escape an unmarked area. As the band plays their brand of unbridled rock music, the combatants are seeking for a way out. Looked on by elders, the band keeps trampling on. The words coming out of their vocals explain themselves as those looking for answers in a time without any. When the combatant in the end opens his meal and finds it to be what he doesn’t want, the video ends.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is available to hear wherever you stream music. Hushed & Grim can be heard on October 29 on all streaming platforms. It can be preordered directly from Sire Records here.

Image Credits: Photo by Clay McBride.

David Garrick

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