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Dos Santos Returns with New Song “A Tu Lado”


Throughout their time together, the band Dos Santos has very much to hang their hats on. Perhaps it’s their songwriting or perhaps it’s their music itself, but their new single “A Tu Lado” exhibits so much while asking for nothing in return. With a new album City of Mirrors coming in a little over a month, this song takes the cake as far as emotional feelings go.

Featuring a dancer who often appears throughout here, the band makes their presence known via mask wearing. Getting down to the music mask or not isn’t difficult though. The music sticks with you even if you aren’t 100% as to what’s being sung about. The simple guitar parts mixed with the rhythmic notes makes for an intriguing sound that you can’t help but adore. The energy within the words while the fixtures the artist creates from her imagery is beautiful. It’s as if she’s up against the video herself, though she will always win here. The song is beautiful but the video makes it feel more real.

The video can be experienced above. The song is available to stream on all sites. City of Mirrors is available to preorder from International Anthem here before its October 15 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Victor Duarte.



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