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Ducks Ltd. Reveal New Upbeat Single


In the scoop of indie rock bands that make up the scene, few come across as genuine in their music. Dig deep and many times you’ll find you’re wandering if they’re being real or not. However with Ducks Ltd. you just accept whatever they say as the truth. Their latest single “Under The Rolling Moon” is a great example of this. With a new album Modern Fiction coming on October 1st, they’ve revealed the song and quickly proved that they’re far beyond while also being as forward as possible.

Though it may be represented by a duck, the band is serious here. The roll of the guitar complete with the band singing from the side of the road is definitely broad. The imagery of them hanging in the hearse before each performing is brilliant. Each performer actually performs throughout without steering the ship down the catchy pop path. However it all works from start to finish. The fact that each trades spaces or that each plays like their lives depend on it is just a side note. However what it is feels closer to a band sticking themselves in the moment and never leaving it.

The song can be heard on all platforms or the video can be viewed above. Their new album Modern Fiction is available for streaming when it drops on October 01. You can also purchase it directly from Carpark Records. Ducks Ltd. is on tour beginning October 01 in Toronto, ON at The Garrison until March 02, 2022 in Leeds, UK at Hedrow House. Their complete tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Christiane Johnson.



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