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We Are Scientists Drop New Song That Hits


If you’re out looking at the world to find something worthy of listening to, you don’t have to look much further than the music of We Are Scientists. While their new album Huffy isn’t technically out until October, the band makes the kind of rock music that we can all get behind. On their latest single “You’ve Lost Your Shit,” the duo offers things up while offering one of multiple reasons to get their music.

While the video does contain some imagery that doesn’t work for everyone, it is a trip to see. The total fuckery that comes with just the initial darkness of the opening images, then everything is okay. The pain of surgery alone is a trip to take, but going through it is something else entirely. The band’s overall sound is welcoming and wreaks of an over the top feeling. Pairing that with their open ended sound just makes it that much more extraordinary. In the end, we all come across as okay.

The song can be heard on all streaming platforms. It could also be viewed above via video. Huffy is available for preorder here ahead of their tour. The tour begins September 20 at The Rooftop, Elsewhere in Brooklyn, NY until next year on April 14 at Knust in Hamburg, Germany. Their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Danny Lee Allen.

David Garrick

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