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Mdou Moctar Reveals Ten Minute Documentary About Themselves


In the grand scheme of things, Mdou Moctar has changed most of us. Performing their music within, their new ten minute documentary titled “Afrique Victime” has all of the points you want when you listen in. Shot back when the band was ready to begin touring, they brought themselves together to offer up this little ‘hello’ and it offers up a wonderful way to hear them and a magical way to experience them as well.

The entire film feels as if you’re not sure where Mdou Moctar is. The members all speak of their time in the band and how they came to be one. Residing in a space that’s full of modern tales of ways to die is one thing. Living as part of that life is something else. The members each play their role within the band and this doc tells their tales as part of it. It’s beautifully shot and full of itself in a way that makes 100% sense. Feel free to watch it now and soak it all up.

The documentary can be viewed above or on YouTube. The band’s new album by the same name is available to stream or it can be purchased from Matador Records. Mdou Moctar is on tour starting September 15 at Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH until October 03 in Los Angeles, CA at Lodge Room. Their complete tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by WH Moustapha.



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