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Matt Pond PA Shares The State of Gold, Pt. 2


In the scope of re-releasing an album, there are always plans to do things that steer from your normal. For the reissue of the album The State of Gold out on September 24 on 131 Records, Matt Pond PA geared up and dropped some magic. For his track “State of Gold, Pt. 2” he went back and shot footage and the end result is beautiful. You can hear for yourself below.

While the song isn’t terribly long, it’s still rather stunning. Mixing vocals with the melodic tones makes the words get into your head faster. The way the drums play out are also amazing and make for an intriguing tone. Pond PA in the studio singing the songs offers up a softer place for the song to exist. The way the track plays out mixes perfectly with the music as it gets laid up. The single offers itself to your ears in an easy going way. The end result is another song from PA that you can’t help but adore.

The song can be viewed above or heard on all streaming sites. It’s also available for preorder direct;y from Matt Pond PA here. There are no tour dates as of yet though that could change.

Image Credits: Photo by Sean Hansen.



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