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MAZEY HAZE Delivers on New Track


In the grand scheme of those with new releases coming soon, few acts have the importance of Mazey Haze. The artist who’s name isn’t a big deal in the US could change at any moment. Her sound is very different yet intriguing and her new album Always Dancing EP out October 22nd is definitely fire. Her latest single “Always Dancing” offers up her sound and then proves it. Feel free to stream it here.

The song begins with a slow demeanor before digging into itself. The way she starts off on the guitar is mesmerizing. Mix that in with how she sings and you have a winning sound. Placing her sound atop of a pop leaning offers things up as you’ve never heard them before. The way she sings is mesmerizing while the gaze of hearing her is its own thing. The chorus here is what’s extraordinary as she sings to us like we’re old friends from school. The ability between her singing and her reaching out is mesmerizing and can make anyone the biggest fans ever.

The album’s title track can be heard above. You can preorder her new EP Always Dancing directly from wherever you stream music. Mazey Haze will be producing shows beginning September 28 at Mezz in Breda until November 06 at Paradiso in Amsterdam. 

Image Credits: Photo by Renee Meijer.

David Garrick

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