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Ministry Drops New Album & New Single


Underneath any form of revitalization you may feel, few people can deny the energy behind the new album by Ministry. While the band’s newest album Moral Hygiene gives us all more than enough to think about, their latest single “Disinformation” really stamps our hands on it. Full of moments of dire sanctity and straight up hate, the track is definitely an ear turner no matter where you are at the moment.

The band wastes no time in their overall sound. The wavering tones of industrial come in hard and heavy and don’t let up in their intensity. The vocals come in dark and heavy like those from a heavy metal album. However here the band hits with a more cultivated sound that doesn’t relent. In watching TV Jourgensen doesn’t even notice the bearded members of the news without taking it to a whole new level. As Jourgensen delves deep into the fucked world of intentional politics while viewing the world in his heavy way, you notice that the music just gets better and better as the song proceeds. The end result is that Ministry is all you need.

The song can be heard on all streaming sites or viewed above on YouTube. Moral Hygiene is available for preorder directly from Nuclear Blast here. Ministry is on tour starting March 06, 2022 in Baltimore, MD at Baltimore Soundstage until November 05 in Manchester, UK at Damnation Festival. Their complete tour dates are accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by Derick Smith.



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