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Old Man of the Woods Shares Eviscerate New Single


Few times in music do you hear something and wish you knew more about it. That’s what happened with us regarding the music of Old Man and the Woods. With a new song out titled “Sharks” she lets the notes come in and match her vocals in a way that mesmerizes the listener. Coming off of her new album Votives, her vocals alone take you on a new journey that takes over your head for the time you experience the track and even longer.

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The music has these haunting touches in it from start to finish. Alongside the electronics the vocals almost hit each other in ways that you’d think would cause issue, however they do not. The way the music is constructed creates a wild world where you’re more into how it gets built than anything else. The pops, the way the guitar comes and goes and these little percussive elements create a sound that the song builds from while still feeling inventive. And while the song ends quicker than we’d like, it definitely clicks off on a thousand boxes while still echoing so much in a short time frame.

The song is ready to stream above or wherever you listen to music. The album is available for preorder directly from Bandcamp ahead of its October 22 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Joan Eliot.



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