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The Dodos Add Two New Songs to Repertoire


Coming across various sounds throughout time, we stumbled across the music of The Dodos and were seriously wondering how we could ever miss them. Mixing together songs that either hit hard or drag us along like wandering children, the band has just dropped two new singles with “With A Guitar” and “Pale Horizon.” While each track drops a bit different they will both make their new album Grizzly Peak hit even harder when it drops in November.

For the song “With A Guitar” the band keeps things simple yet still very evoking. The dual vocals work so well especially in the chorus where they shimmer. The song has this very up and down vibe that cultivates the tones within. While  the words have these touches that make us hang on to them, they also have an emotive touch as well. However that chorus is what does it for us. The way the words come in against the strings creates a sound that echoes throughout and offers few answers. The way the strings come in offer a grand answer to “what next” without steering away from how the song should sound.

On “Pale Horizon” the band comes in with a mysterious option of sound. The words come out with a mysterious tone without having any real sound towards anything. The way the band plays off of one another creates this sound that doesn’t fall away. The way the band have constructed the vocals, there’s more play here and it works on multiple levels. The guitar adds so much even for a song with multiple instrumentation on it. The way the band finds passage between what feels like a reality and what seems impossible is amazing in its own right. The band is firing on multiple cannons here and it just sounds perfect.

Both songs can be streamed above or wherever you stream music. Their new album Grizzly Peak is up for preorder directly from Polyvinyl Records before it drops on November 12. The Dodos are on tour beginning November 16 at The Cellar Door in Visalia, CA until February 12, 2022 in Tacoma, WA at Fawcett Hall at Alma Matter. Their complete tour dates are accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by Sheila Gim.

David Garrick

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