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LIVV Returns with New Song Worthy of Your Ears


Never before have I been in a band where we could just shorten our name, though the music of LIVV is in that exact space. Known better by the name lillies in the valley of violets, the band seems to get by just fine by doing their own thing. With a new song out featuring GNIE you may wonder what they’ve dropped until you hear “Feelings” for yourself.

The song gets going from the jump and offers up a sound that’s immediately catchy. With stark notes that come in alongside vocals, the song has a mixture of past and present. When the primary vocals come in the sound opens up a bit and distances itself from where it began. There’s something in how the two go together that mix together in a way that work perfectly. The music has a real optimistic tone while the words have a real waning for something else. There’s plenty of groove throughout that you hear underneath the vocals. The way the music comes in makes you want to get down immediately and get your groove on. Hopefully for you you can hear it and get down on your own.

The song is available to stream wherever you stream it or above on YouTube. The DJ project offers a sound to his deeply emotive house music and can be heard wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Rebecca Grites.

David Garrick

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