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Soft Punch Offers Up New Song

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In music there are artists who offer themselves up with a hint of punch. There’s just something to their sound that takes you on a journey and never lets go. For the artist Soft Punch, he takes you on a journey you really don’t want to end. A member of the ME/CFS family, he’s consistently found himself battling against the disease while still crafting some of the best music you’ve heard. Steering from disease, his new single “Astering” lives in its own world while offering up a sound you’ll fall for the moment you hear it.

The song holds plenty of immersive tones that may throw you for a loop. The way the song begins with vocals and hopping notes, things pick up and offer themselves up with plenty of heft. The vocals become deeper and the lyrics are heavier as the music picks itself up. There’s plenty here to mesmerize you though the backing vocals also take up that space. The way he mixes everything together is masterful while the music intonates itself underneath his words. The magic that he creates has a real tone that you cannot shake, nor do you want to. It all works perfectly together without leaving you anywhere but at the track’s end.

The video for the song can be viewed above or on YouTube. You can also stream it on all streaming platforms or purchase it directly from Bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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