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Khruangbin Crushes on Austin City Limits


While we live in a world with subtitles, the world of Khruangbin is not so simple. While the trio has made it easier to get down to their lively sound, they’ve also made their own world where their kind of music is not only possible, but probable as well. On their new set at Austin City Limits, they prove they were worthy of the time they’ve been given.


The band definitely brought their  A-game to their set, dazzling ears throughout. As they bent their ears and their fingers to the eclectic sounds they brought. While the band definitely goes harder than most they brought it all out the other night. With echoing tones and grooves throughout, their magic wasn’t lost on the crowd at hand. While their set was filled with a mixture of older and newer tracks, it wasn’t lost on those in attendance. The band ran through their sounds and mesmerized all in attendance. The power of their songs along with their chill attitudes made their set more eclectic than the normal appearance.

You can catch the band above or on PBS. Their set is magical and can be found throughout their range of albums from Dead Oceans. Khruangbin is set to appear at Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans, LA on December 01 until April 14, 2022 Alexandra Palace in London, UK. Their complete tour dates are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Pooneh Ghana.



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