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Sugarplum Fairies Drop New Song From New Collection


By all acoounts it’s been some time since we heard new songs from Sugarplum Fairies. With a sound that stands alongside sugar pop, Dream pop and goth, their music is essential in understanding the nineties until today. On their new single “Tears” they don’t disappoint in their sound as they recreate a nineties sadness from their upcoming album Altar Songs 1998-2021 coming in a few weeks.

The song starts before the imagery is ready and it offers up video footage that makes little sense. Between a soft beat and a gentle vocal offering the song exists on its own path. The notes slowly trickle in as the vocals continue their path. The song is slow and redeeming throughout where a young girl looks on to one person for everything in that moment and in time. The echo of the vocals comes in and digs its way into your heart. There;s little here that’s not impressive after such a long time away the group returns and owns the moment.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed wherever you listen to music. The new album Altar Songs 1998-2021 is available from all outlets on December 03.

Image Credits: Photo by Dylan Luster.

David Garrick

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