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TOMI Offers Up New Sounds on “Lemon Tree”


In the grand scope of what happens in music there are acts that we can’t get a hold of. With a mysterious gaze and a triumphant tone, the artist TOMI pops up on our radar. With a new EP titled Sweet, Sweet Honey ready for your ears her new song “Lemon Tree” gets offered up with a Dave Harrington remix to breathe more life into the song while giving you something to dance to in the meantime.

The song clocks in over seven minutes in length. The remix takes the original and reinvents it, offering the song up with new perks attached. The vocals are distant and further back on the remix, offering her sound up underneath the remixed notes. This creates a sound that stirs around inside of you as you eagerly await for it to play out. Around the three minute mark the track takes an intriguing turn that brings new elements in to truly take the song in a different pace. The way the track gets mixed it allows for notes that lie underneath to get offered up in a new and inventive way. This occurs throughout the song and steers your ears to your speakers to hear it all.

The song can be heard above or on YouTube. The new TOMI EP is available directly from here from In Between Records. Tomi will be on tour starting December 16 at Mercury Lounge. Then she’s out with War On Drugs February 21 at Paramount Theatre until February 26 at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA. Her tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Zac Farro.

David Garrick

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