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Arca Drops New Track off of Kick iii


Artists typically have a lot going on these days. What with a pandemic coming in at the end of the year, they’re revealing more music than we can handle at time. Arca is an artist who knows no bounds and her new album Kick iii should prove it. When dazzling displays and artful renditions of songs, her music is a connection for many who don’t get it. On her new song “Queer ft. Planningtorock” she takes us on another journey deep into the unknown.

The song has a mysterious tone in how it approaches you. There’s plenty of notes that make no sense yet make sense at the same time. The way the beat rolls in along with these echoed vocals gives you chills. There’s a wayward tone coming in from the sides as the vocals come in and take over with a hefty tonal quality. The chaos in the background doesn’t exemplify the oddness of the track, it expands upon it. Taking the odder side of things, the music has these deterrent notes that take you somewhere different, which is why you’re here in the first place.

The song is ready to hear on all streaming platforms or above via YouTube. The album can be preordered directly from XL Records before it drops on December 03.

Image Credits: Photo by Unax LaFuente.

David Garrick

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