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Lucas Eason Drops Heartwarming New Song


As far as singer songwriters go, few have the chops to be able to back up what they put up. It’s a hard thing to write about things you experience and Texas’ Lucas Eason proves that it’s more of a show than anything else. After a long stretch between releases, Eason is back with a new song for your ears titled “Tired.” what you’ll notice from the jump is that his bark is worse than his bite but only by a small amount.

The song is piano lead which is a different touch. Eason begins singing as soon as his fingers hit the keys, mixed with country touches throughout. The fiddle plays in the background of the song as it stretches out. There’s more here than on most singles, complete with a whole new way to approach music. The grand scale of the song offers itself up like that of a larger project. The echoed drums that play in the background while the other instruments come in offer themselves up with as much honesty as the song does itself. With Eason’s vocals at the front of the song, you get a real feel for who you are through and through.

The song is available to stream above or on wherever you stream music. You can support Eason whenever he perfoms in town and in surrounding areas.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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