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American Football Shares New Songs from Upcoming 10″


In the world of indie rock there are few bands who could loose a key member and continue soldiering on. However that’s exactly what happened to American Football and they’re still soldiering on stronger as the element they’re presenting now. With a new 10″ coming in June, the band has revealed two new songs one of which is a Mazzy Star cover.

For “Rare Symmetry” the band slowly escapes into that quilted sound they developed in their early years. With the Mike Kinsella vocals dwindling their way onto the track, he quickly lets you know who’s calling the shots. The echoed tones that ripple throughout the song steer your ears towards the vocals that come out slower. The distance between the guitar amplifier and how it’s being recorded offer up a cadenced touch that you cannot deny. There’s a symmetrical tone that rolls throughout the song and accompanies the essence heavy guitars.

On the Mazzy Star cover, Kinsella takes the essence of quietness and revels in its cloaking ability. There’s an essence here where we all know the words and yet hearing them this way offers the track up as if we don’t know it. There’s just something about the way his vocals gently touch us while the music fading plays beneath. His voice offers the words up as new, in some ways as if you’ve ever heard them before. The contribution vocals from Miya Folick offer a balanced tone within, giving a female touch to the song. When she and Kinsella sing together that balanced edge seems to fall right into place. The song finds its footing and delivers swells of heart touched goodness.

Both songs are available to stream right now wherever you stream music. A Ten inch vinyl is available directly from Polyvinyl Records ahead of its June 10 release.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Polyvinyl.



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