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Thom Yorke Plays New Song at Royal Albert Hall


In the grand spectrum of all that’s happened during the pandemic, new bands are a thing that’s still occurring. While there aren’t as many new bands as you’d consider, The Smile are one to keep an eye on. The trio featuring Johnny Greenwood, Thom Yorke and Tom  Skinner make an intriguing mix of music. What you can hear below is one of their songs.

The distanced helm in which Yorke performs the track is excellent. He distances himself from the acoustic guitar and digs in vocally above. His soft playing excels the work and takes it to a new space. His vocals ring out like space ships taking off in the night. His guitar playing is still on par with anyone else out there, as are his skills on the synthesizer. However the vocals are the pull here. There’s almost nothing else that grabs your ears like them and they don’t let go either.

The song can be heard above via YouTube. There’s no tour dates for the band nor is there a website. Little is known about the group or when we’ll hear music from them.

Image Credits: Photo by Greg Wiliams.



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