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Neil Young Unveils Summer Songs on Xmas


When it come to ways to reveal new music, few artists have the gaze to do so in new ways. We say few because Neil Young found a way to do so and he was spirited in how he went about it as well. The album Summer Songs was recorded live in 1987 at the Broken Arrow Ranch in Redwood City, CA. As per the author, the quote below may sum all of this up for you.

Happy Holidays everyone! I think you will enjoy this very cool recording – lost for years, but not forgotten. Now a gift. NYA’s files reveal the whole history. American Dream feels more real than ever. How could somethin’ so good go bad so fast? Wow, that was a little sad. But things are still good down on the farm right? Not so fast. Thanks Willie, John, Dave, Carolyn, Annie, for all you’ve done. It’s an honour being there with you. Replanting for next year? The farmer’s wife, the children, the animals. the birds. Kinda leaves you hangin’. We can win.

Young explains what his frame of mind was in revealing the record. Earlier this year Young released his latest album BARN and proved that he and Crazy Horse were up to any challenge they were placed up on. This live record features songs that would end up on other records over the years as well as songs with similar tones but different lyrics.

The song is available to hear on the Neil Young Archives website. His latest album BARN is available on multiple formats here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Warner Records.



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