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CHAI Shares Cover of “Last Christmas”


Cover songs can always get lost in the world. Either bands are in tune with the song they’re covering or they’re way off. Luckily for Japan’s CHAI, the band is definitely on point. On their new single “Last Christmas” they offer up a version of the track that has their name on it, including multiple touches that make this version all of their own.

The vocals start immediately offering up the tender side of the song. The inner friendships in the song here are upfront and obvious. The inner feelings of certain members cannot be forgotten. The inner conflict that comes forward gets dismayed quickly as the band gets along quickly afterward. The words flow as do the lyrics and offer the band up in a caring and sweet way.

The video can be seen above on YouTube. You can also stream it on all streaming platforms. CHAI is set to appear in Houston, TX at White Oak Music Hall on February 24 until Primavera Sound in Los Angeles, CA at September 16. Their complete tour can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of YouTube.



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