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Kylie Minogue, Years & Years Team Up with Jodie Harsh on New Remix


In recent years, artists like Kylie Minogue have really upped their franchises with killer music. Couple that power with an act like Years & Years and add the mystique of Jodie Harsh and you have a killer combo. That’s what you’re getting below on the “A Second to Midnight (Jodie Harsh Remix).” The song can be heard below and you may just get your fix for the song here too.

The opening notes are enough to get you excited before Minogue lunches into the song. There’s a real dynasty here that fades into the track and extends its hands into your space. The bounce of the beat alone is enough to get you excited as the song bounces along. There’s an elegance that falls between Minogue and Years & Years that cannot be lost on the listener. The way they back her words up is extraordinary as she really turns up the heat. The moments that you feel may slow down only keep the song going and keep your energy high.

The song is available to stream above or wherever you stream music. The song is also available on Kylie’s new album DISCO which is available here

Image Credits: Photo by Denys Dionysios.



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