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Cate Le Bon Offers Whimsical New Single


Independent artists enjoy multiple strengths ahead of acts on a major label. For an artist like Cate Le Bon, her existence is more than luck. Her hard work in independent music has been a force for her existence. With a new album Pompeii coming out in early February, her latest single “Remembering Me” offers her up in a new and concise way.

The song has an ability to draw you in from its opening notes. Her voice starts off in this hypnotic and higher pitched tone. While that could be troublesome she breaks in with a normal voice. Dancing around in various colored dresses, Le Bon doesn’t take no for an answer. Her higher pitched vocals are actually intriguing and they take you to a new place. As she asks for us to “remember her” she offers up unforgettable traces of song that make her hard to forget. The song is strewn between these often different touches as she cascades between them all with her grace.

The song can be heard wherever you stream music or above via YouTube. Her new album Pompeii is ready for purchase from Mexican Summer Records before it releases on February 04. Cate Le Bon can be seen beginning February 06 at Colony in Woodstock, NY until April 12 in Amsterdam, Netherlands at Paradiso Nord.  Her complete tour is available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Cate Le Bon.



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