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Carlie Hanson Returns with New Track


As far as artists who don’t care go, there’s an act like Carlie Hanson. The artist is well known for her upfront attitude which may have resolved itself on her new single. Taken from her new album Tough Boy coming in February, Hanson dishes out a lot on “Fuck Your Labels.” However in the guise of it all, there’s little here that you can’t agree with and a sound that just pulls you in.

The song opens with a pop tuned sound. Her vocals have a soft element to them as she sings out the words. Though within the words the feelings come in and alter what you may think. The chorus here stands out, offering itself up as a call out when it needs to come. Her altered vocals and deep hitting drums come and go but they offer her up with a tougher edge. The song has a tough feel to it without being a call out. There’s a nice mix between singer songwriter and alternative mix here that’s hard to walk away from. But the song is catchy enough to hold onto as well.

The song can be heard wherever you stream music or above via YouTube. The new album Tough Boy is available from Warner Records on its February 18 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Alexis Gross.



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