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T Truman Drops New Single “Entertainer”


If you listen to enough music and you pay attention to member’s names, then you already know who T Truman is. The well known keyboardist for The Vaccines has made his name all over the music industry. Now playing on his own, Truman has the ability to keep playing keys and changing minds as he does so. With a new EP Luxury Star coming in early March, His start is ready to shine. With his new single “Entertainer Live at Mapleton Hall” he easily draws you in and doesn’t let go.

The song is performed live yet the vocals are clear and easy to hear. The easy going nature of the track keeps it in your head for days due to its catchy nature. When you lix classic piano with keyboard, you get a sound that’s different but varied in its sound. The sound of the song hits perfectly while still sounding normal. With backing vocals added and the growth of the song within itself you;re given so much in one sweep of sound. The song has multiple elements within it that it could be several tracks. Easy going, singer songwriter and rock n’ roll all come through without ruining anything. It’s a jam from start to finish you won’t soon forget.

The song is available to stream above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The new EP Luxury Star is available on March 10. It can be preordered or presaved prior to that.

Image Credits: Photo by Finn Constantine.



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