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Lucy Dacus Drops New Song & Announces New Concert


In the great dance of indie rock certain artists have become bigger than we think they could have seen in their early years. While the list for them is large, one of the acts Lucy Dacus is really just hitting her stride. Her last two albums have offered up a myriad of music coming from a mind as great as hers. On her new single “Kissing Lessons” she offers up plenty to get anyone listening excited.

The song is short and sweet. The way it flows offers itself up like something from another era. The way the guitar cuts through her words offers the song up like a battle cry. The drums are popping perfectly as the bass comes and goes offering a sound that won’t quit and Dacus is there singing. Her vocals come across in a way that’s sincere but also in a gazing sort of way. The sincere notes and words in this short number work well together, though we’d expect nothing less from Dacus.

The song can be heard above on YouTube or wherever you stream music. You can also grab a digital copy from Matador Records. Lucy Dacus is on tour starting February 09 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA until September 01-04 at End Of The Road Festival in Salisbury, England. Her tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Erin Soorenko.



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