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The Aquadolls Offer Up New Single


Within music there are bands that definitely cut their own path. The bands that doe this have more of a diverse profile for promoters to look at. For The Aquadolls, their sound is it’s own thing that works in the best way possible. With a new tour available the band has also offered up a new song you can stream below. Check out “Cry Baby” and become their newest fan.

The song opens with open ended riffs before the vocals come in and help open the song up. The band takes us from a chill manner to a pure pop sound that allows plenty of air to get to the fire. The piano tones that mix with the drums and the vocals takes you to a new space. As the band members go crazy for another band playing their instruments, their sound stands out among the typical tones. The way the band plays themselves better than most the open ended tones give you something else to fall for.

The song can be experienced above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The Aquadolls are on tour starting March 10 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA until April 16 at SOMA in San Diego, CA, Their tour dates are accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Earshot PR.



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