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Plankton Wat To Reissue 2017 Album Hidden Path


In the game of reissuing albums, few bands seem to get what goes into it all. While plenty of bands understand what it takes to reissue work from the past, the team at Plankton Wat has their label Thrill Jockey gets it. After years of it sitting out of print, the album Hidden Path will be reissued now and ready for fresh ears to experience it’s path. The album can be preordered from the label but now you can stream the title track, “Hidden Path.”

The song opens with a dark and brooding hurl from the electronic world. The beat that comes in offers up an admittance to the sounds while keys offer up a nice balance. There’s something engaging here, where the artistry and the acceptance of it comes and goes. As a listener you’re just set up to sit back and listen, which is what happens here. As the electronics begin to drone they get met with a myriad of sounds that help take the song to a whole new space. The end result offers up sounds as you’ve never heard them, and possibly never will again.

The song can be streamed wherever you listen to music. The album is ready for preorder here from Thrill Jockey. Plankton Wat is set to perform live at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR on April 13.

Image Credits: Photo by Lori Gaghan.



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