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Twain Drops New Song That Works So Well

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Measured and refined are not words we should take lightly in today’s music world. But the band Twain has been described in such a way. The full band sound had left the band for a good while but it’s back on their newest single. While Mat Davidson has contributed his sound to Big Thief and Buck Meek to name a few acts, his full on sound is extraordinary and this new song “King of Fools” exhibits that in full.

The song has a real easy going sound to it. The way the vocals come in offer them to you in a light and easy way. The up and down of the rhythm takes your ears on a journey they want to take. There’s an eased sense here that the band has no problem with. Their lighthearted yet gentle approach is extraordinary and simple in its overall approach. There’s a misnomer about how music gets constructed but great songs have never been made like this. The gentle and touch and go demeanor of the song is rampant in its overall sound. The graces of Twain are found here and simplify the process as well.

The song “King of Fools” is available to stream wherever you stream music. You can purchase a digital version of the song directly from the Keeled Scales Bandcamp page here.

Image Credits: Photo by Wyndham Garnett.


1 Comment

  • December 14, 2022 at 10:46 pm

    i love twain so much


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