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Rotten Mind Shares Final Single Before Album Drop


Punk music get thrown around in multiple ways when bands release new music. The way the world reacts to music with a mind behind it can cause multiple regions to react in multiple ways. For Sweden’s Rotten Mind however, the band’s sound is beyond what few have heard before. With a sound that amps up the give away and takeaway sounds of the genre, the band’s upcoming album Unflavored should offer up sounds like you’ve not heard for a good while. With their fifth album coming in March, their new single “Die Young” offers sounds that break the bank.

The immediate energy of the song places it into its on space. The way the guitars come in with an almost post punk energy offers the song up with a reinvigorated energy that holds tight and doesn’t let go. The darkened riffs that follow underneath those with a layer of reverb give the song great strength. There’s more here than on the average punk song. The vocals both singular and dual take your ears to a new place. The instrumentation digs deep and never looks for a replacement to their heavy and hearkened sound. The way the band retreats into a long instrumental give you insight to their power and energetic gaze that’s in all of their music as well.

“Die Young” can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The album Unflavored is available for preorder from Lovely Records here before it drops on March 18. Rotten Mind is on tour starting March 22 in Kiel, DE until April 09 in Berlin, DE. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Earshot Media.



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