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Tody Castillo Lays it On The Line on New Song


Austin’s Tody Castillo reveals the kind of music that we can all get behind. Typically well minded songs that touch our ears lightly, Castillo has always offered up a sound that’s difficult to beat. With his new album Old Rodriquez coming in April, Castillo has offered up a new song to display his thoughts. The easy going nature of the song “Highway 59” gives insight to his overall sound and delivers notes that rest in your head like little children.

The song opens up with drums and vocals in a way that’s inviting and well kept. Castillo doesn’t mince words here as he sways into your ears with an easy going sound. The way he sings gives you a mix of varying pitches that all work. His sound here is inviting and inquisitive at the same time. There’s much to be said about his guitar playing as well, offering itself up with plenty of energy and his overall sound just works. On multiple levels, the song invites your ears as well as signs its name to his upcoming album. Even on slower parts of the song all things feel personal and in the loop. However its the upbeat parts that signal a sound that we can all get behind.

“Highway 59” can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The new album by Tody Castillo Old Rodriquez can be preordered directly from Strolling Bones Records here before its April 8 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Justin Cook.



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