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Totally Slow Drops New Song


In punk rock you can be forgiven for loving a band that doesn’t measure up to their music. It’s common that after time a band may reveal that they’re not as cool as they seemed. However for North Carolina’s Totally Slow, that’s not the case. The band is known for righteous hooks as well as killer riffs. On their new single “The Lost Art Of Shutting Up” they prove their strengths and then some.

The song opens with fierce tones and heavy drums. The energy behind the track is met with sincere guitar licks that match up with the lyrics. The way the band sings offers up a more signified sound that’s hard to meet or beat. The way the guitar comes in and sears everything around is hard to see much less feel. There’s a definite ring to the song that hits well with all who hear it. While the way in which the band executes the song’s intent works perfectly. There’s not much more to do here other than signify the song’s hearty points and just enjoy it for what it is, solid punk rock.

The song is available to experience above or wherever you stream music. The song can be purchased directly from Refresh Records here

Image Credits: Photo by Reid Hathcock.



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