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Babehoven Reveals New Video for “Creature”


Few artists today can find themselves in our scope of love and stay there for a good while. The mixture of well written songs and passionate performances tugs our strings as well develop who we like by output more than anything else. One of those acts is Babehoven from Portland. Her passion comes through across the board on her recently released EP Sunk and the video for her latest single “Creature” gives you plenty of weight to go along with her enchanting sound.

The video opens with the artists dancing in a field in the dark. The elemental ways of this motion grabs your attention and doesn’t deter. The moving nature of the song has a weight that holds itself over you. The honesty and enrapturing way the song comes across offers itself up with a genuine weight that enraptures your mind. Her vocals are strong enough to move any group of cars or boats while the music’s honesty blows you away. The gentle track takes you to another space and lets you release any negativity you may have had, as the backing vocals add to the weight of the track.

The video for “Creature” can be viewed above on YouTube or streamed wherever you stream music. Sunk is available to purchase from Double Double Whammy physically or digitally. Babehoven is on tour right now starting at Hole in the Wall in Austin, TX for SXSW on March 17 until April 16 at Golden Dagger in Chicago, IL. Her tour can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jessica Chappe.



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