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The Chats Add New Song & Video


Adding a new member is a big deal, but not if you’re a band made up of about nine people. However in a trio, it’s a big deal and Australia’s The Chats have returned with a new guitarist Josh Hardy. Of course that doesn’t mean that the band hasn’t returned stronger than ever. Their new stand alone single “Struck By Lightning” is a blast and runs short but delivers all of the goods.

The trio playing in a garage type loft setting gets to the point quickly. The vocals and the instruments both come across as raw and to the point. The stop and start points of the song have more than enough energy as their singer gets struck by lightning. As the band reconvenes they start playing with the lightning. There’s plenty of imagination as their guitarist even gets lifted by the lightning and really lets it flow. The song hits perfectly and delivers the band upfront and to the point.

The song is ready to stream above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The band is set to be on tour beginning March 17 at Le Botanique in Brussels, Belgium until October 11 at Aftershock 2022 in Sacramento, CA. Their tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Luke Henery.



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