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Jeanines Deliver Catchy New Single


As far as new music goes, catching the good stuff has always been a bit hard. While you can find stuff you like, it can be an arduous process. However for Jeanines, it’s whatever they reveal.  The duo has released music in the past that’s full of catchy rhymes and quick and upbeat notes. With a new album coming in late April, their new single “Don’t Wait For a Sign” is a quick and catchy gem of a song worth hearing.

Their new song opens with plenty of instrumentation and catchy hooks. The way the instruments work together create a sound that holds up on its own. The easy going lyrics against the music create a sound that’s difficult to let go of. The way the vocals have an almost backing presence gives them more length as you bop your head along to the melodies.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The band’s new album Don’t Wait For a Sign is out on April 22 on Slumberland Records. Jeanines is performing live at TV Eye on April 09 in Ridgewood, NYC. 

Image Credits: Photo From Force Field PR.



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