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Yonotan Gat & Joyful Noise Announce New Label


Over the years we’ve seen artists and record label begin to work together in more meaningful ways. Artists working with labels can lead to revolutionary acts having a home to release whatever they want. In that Yonotan Gat and Joyful Noise will be releasing a new Imprint titled Stone Tapes. Under their agreement they’re ready to reveal a new artist Medicine Singers and their new single “Sanctuary.” Stream their new song featuring Gat below.

It should be noted that Yonatan Gat is also on the song. The track which has a very earth based sound steers through tracks and takes you to a new space. The way the band curves their path creates a world in which you can reside in while experiencing new music. There’s a far and away sense to the song along with a worldly vibe to it. The jazz touches here offer themselves up as notes into a more reserved world where such thoughts can be filtered. The echo of tones that flows through the filter of the project offers itself up as a world where any sound can occur and typically does. The sounds have a power over your mind and to a degree the world you inhabit. As they take you far and away they stir your soul as well.

The song can be streamed above or heard wherever you stream music. You can preorder the new box set on the label from Joyful Noise Records here.

Image Credits: Photo by Shervin Lainez.



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