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The Brian Jonestown Massacre Deliver on New Single


In the grand scope of psych music few bands offer as much as The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Lead by a bandleader who just seems to pop up out of nowhere, their sound has always reigned in the guise of psych. Now with a new album titled Fire Doesn’t Grow On Trees coming on June 24 through A Recordings, their new single “The Real” offers them up with more psych touched sounds than ever before.

The song begins with a tattered guitar tone that gets met by sweet and flirty guitar tones. The happy go lucky tones take you into a space that feels grander than what the band has done prior. The way they hit their instruments offers up a sound that unveils their overall feeling. The grand and on top of sound gives you a sense of merit in their overall sound. There’s a substance here that’s greater than those performing it are. The whole of the song is taken up by grandiose structure until things get down and take you to a space off in a field somewhere. The overall impression is this is the band expanding on their already grand sound and taking you along with them for the journey.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Fire Doesn’t Grow On Trees can be purchased when it drops on A Recordings on June 24. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is on tour starting March 28 at Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, NY until June 03 at Levitation France in Angers, France. Their tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Thomas Girard.



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