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Holland Belle Goes Deep on New Song


In the grand scope of music out there folk is a genre we don’t get to cover much. While there are varying instances as to why that is, the new music from Holland Belle gives a chance to discuss the genre. With a sound that mystifies while taking a hold of your attention, Belle has a way about her sound that you can just get lost in. With her new album Bird Song coming on May 13, her debut single “Arrow” has the ability to hang over you until you accept it on its terms.

The song opens with this beautiful hymnal that really paints a picture of what’s coming. The delicate notes that fall underneath her vocals offers the song up as a narrative we all understand. The way she attacks the words place them in your head easier than you may be used to, giving them to you for you to figure what you’ll do with them. The song understands you and with hope you’ll understand it. Her vocals strain out and have a resonance you fall for. The honesty in the music offers itself up as a delicate remembrance to an easier time while giving you a beautiful folk song to love on. The way things pan out, that should be easy with this one from start to finish.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. Holland Belle’s new album Bird Song can be presaved from Bandcamp before its May 13 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by Liz Ibarra.



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