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Thom Yorke Shares New Single


In the grand spectrum of how music goes, multiple artists are releasing new music for specific reasons. A good example of this is the new song by Thom Yorke for the show Peaky Blinders. The song is instrumental yet it hits on multiple fronts with an energy that’s hard to wrap your head around. Without further ado, “That’s How Horses Are” from Peaky Blinders.

The gentle piano that opens the song takes you back to a place that feels almost like those of when you were younger. There’s a spaced out difference between the twp piano pieces that slowly deters your mind as the song plays out. Between those notes new touches come along and add a symphonic touch to the ballad. The way it comes along and begins to take over can also take you over if you aren’t careful. The music mesmerizes and takes control as it plays as well.

The song can be streamed above or on YouTube. Thom Yorke will be on tour with The Smile from May to July in Europe.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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