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American Football Announce New 10 Inch & Drops Two New Songs


In the grand scope of emo in America, few bands like American Football have navigated those waters correctly. In all honesty you could have anyone drop new music but American Football is definitely ready for the change. The band is offering up a two song release on a 10 inch pressing later this year. On the single the band covers the Mazzy Star song “Fade Into You” as well as their own song “Rare Symmetry.” stream both below and get a vibe from the jump.

The loneliness that can come with music sometimes is deafening. Here the band performs the song with women going about their daily lives, exciting or not. Whether its watching a match bowling that seems important or chatting with a bartender, the song plays on and offers the band up in a new light. The swells of sound that come along here are gratifying and hard to walk away from. The echoes within are beautiful and gracefully performed. The band sounds their best in the higher points here.

For “Rare Symmetry” the group opens things up with a melodic and pressurized sound that’s hard to dislike. The vocals come in with an innocence and a melodic sound that you cannot shake. There’s a lot to miss yet the sounds offer them up like a morning when you’re just getting in a shower. The flow of the sounds comes in and stays in the song while softer notes emerge. The flow that the band started up is still present and stays that way throughout. the lyrics change yet the subtleties of the music don’t change and offer the band up in an almost new way.

Both songs can be streamed wherever you stream music. The album version of these songs will ship around June 10 from Polyvinyl Record Company.

Image Credits: Photo by Atiba Jefferson.



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