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Museum of Light Offers New Single Off New Album


In music there are a ton of acts who offer up distinct and inventive sounds on their own. However way up in Seattle they have a band that’s doing things their own way and their ingenuity has really paid off. For Museum of Light  their sound is an intriguing mixture of genres and sounds. With a new album titled Horizon coming in June, their new single “Soft Openings” offers itself up with little more than the sounds within.

The song opens up with swirling guitars and distanced vocals. The metal touches from the band come in and offer them up with plenty of power. The way the guitar hangs over the notes offers a distanced feel to the song while the immediacy of the notes keep you clued in. The band’s sound is a bit throwback and a bit new sounds. However it may be the structure of this song that really makes us fans. Between battling between past and present the band creates their own sound that’s catchy and infectious. The way the guitars define so much of their sound gives way to a new sound that we think you’ll love.

The song can be heard above or on YouTube. The new album Horizon is available for preorder directly from Spartan Records before it drops on June 10. Museum of Light will be playing live at High Water Mark in Portland, OR on April 14, April 15 at Bombs Away Cafe in Corvallis, OR until April 16 at Bar House in Seattle, WA. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Spartan Records.



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