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Pink Floyd Drops First New Song in 28 Years


It may be hard to believe but it’s been closer to thirty years since we’ve heard new music from Pink Floyd. The long running band hasn’t really revealed anything new since 1994 and there was even debate over those releases. However that changes today as the band has decided to help with all that’s happening in Ukraine. Featuring Andriy Khlynyuk of the band Boombox, their new single “Hey Hey Rise Up” has the type of sound that keeps fans clued in and watcher of the band in order with what the band is doing.

With tidbits about the war starting the video off before the band triumphantly takes the stage. Featuring vocals from Andriy Khlynyuk , the song has a somber notation while still rocking. The solo in the first verse makes for a nice touch. The imagery in the video of protests and tanks moving along is inspiring. The band sounds solid together as the solo continues and the band rocks on. When the video offers up the second verse you should already be hooked on the song and have gotten your money ready for purchasing it.

The song can be streamed wherever you stream music or above via YouTube. The single can be purchased wherever you buy music with all proceed going towards Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

Image Credits: Screen Grab Courtesy of Pink Floyd.



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