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The Octopus Project Teaches Us how to Use a Theramin


In music the instruments have just as much story as the acts themselves. Like a guitar or drums, synthesizers and the like are just as important. The Moog Etherwave is definitely an important piece of gear. Theramins, which is what Etherwaves are and they’re amazing once you learn how to use them. Below the Austin band The Octopus Project shows us all how the theramin should be used on their song “I Saw The Bright Shinies.”

In a room full of synthesizers, having a Moog theramin can be a blessing or a curse. Knowing how to play the odd shaped instruments is one large factor in owning one. Luckily for us The Octopus Project is on hand to show us how to use one best. The subtle hand movements dictate the sound you make and help decide the way the notes are formed and how they’re bent. The way the music turns out is truly inventive and takes your ears on a journey of epic proportions. The sounds that come out are all original and stand on their own from start to finish.

The song can be heard wherever you stream music or above via YouTube. You can grab the band’s music via here and you can grab a Theramin of your own here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Moog.



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