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The Dreaded Laramie Drops New Song


Power pop is a genre that is full of love and hooks that bring everyone together. Recently the genre has grown and there are more power pop bands than anyone could imagine. The Dreaded Laramie is a band that really holds the genre together. With a sound that many could and would copy, they have an upcoming EP Everything A Girl Could Ask that will knock your socks off. Their new single “Where Do The Hardcore Kids Go?” has the type of sound that will hold on and not let go.

The vocals have a nice tone to them and they ring within your ears. As the band gears up they practice on whatever’s around. the guitar tones stand out and ring over your head. The song has tender notes between a drum that doesn’t stop and a sound that will stick with you. The band takes new routes to get you to the chorus and delivers all along the way. The way the song is constructed it allows for more guitar play than you may expect but it makes the song better. The end result is a pop punk song that sticks to your insides and doesn’t leave.

The song can be heard on all streaming platforms or above via YouTube. Their new EP is out on May 13 can be preordered here. It can also be ordered as a 7″ record from Sell The Heart Records. The band will be on tour starting April 22 in Huntington, WV at The Loud until June 18 in Little Rock, AR at White Water Tavern. Their tour can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Maris Souza.



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