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Maya Folick Shares New Video For New Single


It’s been three years since we were greeted with the powerful vocals of Miya Folick. While it’s been awhile since we heard from her, yet her powerful voice is still very present. In the time since we’ve heard from her she did live through a pandemic and all that that entails. She’s also dropped a new single titled “Oh God” and we think you should listen to it post haste.

Her vocals are shown how powerful they are from the opening notes. Her voice still hits all of the right tones and gets us excited over what she’ll sing. The beat and the electronics within evoke an emotional bend between misunderstood instances and unprovoked glances. However the emotional weight to the song carries over in volumes and comes across in every note. The sensibilities behind each note offer up a sound that’s hard to walk away from and offer themselves at the highest risk of alienation. Though the song and the music bring you back every time.

The song can be streamed above or listened to on YouTube. The song is also available to stream wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Ariel Fish.



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