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Marlon Williams Drops Joyful New Song


In the music world all of the pressure to get a hit while reacting to what you’re doing is integral. For Marlon Williams it;s been a while since he released new music, though that changes today. With a new song titled “My Boy” Williams takes on society and turns things on their head with a catchy and easy going song worth digging into. He’s also announced a new run  of tour dates starting September 14.

The song opens with an acoustic guitar and easy going hymns. Williams falsetto voice delivers the goods vocally. His easy going way pairs perfectly with his chill and laid back persona. The mixture of catchy pop hooks and unforgettable hooks he throws in with ease is magical. There’s not much here but what is is hard to get over. Just pure pop strained out and leveling his sound out over time.

The song can be viewed as a video above via YouTube. It can be streamed on all platforms. Marlon Williams will be on tour starting September 14 at The Sinclair in Boston, MA until October 03 at The  Troubador in Los Angeles, CA. His tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Derek Henderson.



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