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Companion Returns with Beautiful New Single


Within the two women who make up the band Companion, a lot of trust gas got to be earned. The two women put a lot of themselves into their work and it shows throughout. With a new album titled Second Day of Spring coming on May 27 their new single “If I Were A Ghost” is a stunning example of their sound. Feel free to stream it below.

The beauty here is that the song is live and not prerecorded. The way their vocals come together and blend is gorgeous. There’s a lot of taste here in their overall sound. The song breaks itself down and delivers the two just performing a song that happens to fit their lives. Here the twins sound almost identical and where themselves on your good side. The end result is a song that exceeds your wildest imaginations and then some. They sound perfect just as they are in this setting.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. Their new album will be made available on May 27. Companion is on tour right now with Tori Amos starting May 05 at Peace Center Concert Hall in Greenville, SC until October 01 in Oklahoma City, OK at Tower Theatre. Their tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Francesca McConnell.



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