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Vonica Drops New Track From Upcoming Album


In music there are always acts you revere and find a space for. Much like their first release, a new EP by Vonica is ready for ears. If You’re New Here Dance should light up the charts when it drops on May 13. Inspired by the ways of Monica, this music is inspired by her spirit and lives on in its own way. Experience her new song “Some Swim Some Pray” below and feel the vibes.

The flashy beat and synths that open the song up open you to a sound that isn’t playing around. The vocals add a depth to the track’s sound. Footage of two swimmers going at it in foggy water creates and enviable world. The way the duo acts outside of the water makes for an enviable nature. The way they interact asks for a more chill and inviting world for us to live in while delivering new music that hits all of the spaces too.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is the first reveal for the new album by Vonica coming in this year sometime. 

Image Credits: Photo Press.



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