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Chief State Delivers on New Single


Bands who mix genres have a weird place with this mag. Some come out of the pipe flavored with a new sound and some sound like they weren’t sure what they were doing when they did it. Luckily for you, Chief State knew their ideas when they went to record their new album Waiting For your Colours. The band is essentially a pop punk band with emo tinges and their new single “Out For Me” hits exactly how you’d expect it to.

The song opens with an aggressive and energy heavy sound. The band doesn’t wait for anyone to tell them what they’re doing is okay. Their sound evokes a heavy and downright wondrous energy. The way the vocals intertwine with the guitar gives you plenty of space to fall for them. The guitar feels like it was made for this type of sound. The energetic fringes that they touch on signal a sound that should’ve been mixed a long time ago. Perhaps it couldn’t have been done this gracefully. The end result is high energy and relentless with its upright honesty.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The band’s new album Waiting For Your Colours can be preordered from Mutant League Records here before it drops on July 01. The band will be out for tour starting May 22 at The Palomino Steakhouse in Calgary, Canada until July 09 in Salt Lake City, UT at The Loading Dock. Their tour can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Lindsey Blane.



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